COWES - Harbour, Parade and Pier

Isle of Wight

Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them.

Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The maker of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

All pictures on this page are from my own collection, but are not my copyright. Copy If you wish, but if you repost or reuse them would you please out of courtesy let me know.

cowes harbour art

An artistic impression of Cowes harbour, probably late 19th Century. (T. Nelson & Sons)

Arial view of Cowes Harbour

Red Funnel ferry entering Cowes harbour

An Arial view of the River Medina leading up to Cowes

 harbour. Dated 1959, a time when the shipbuilding industry at 

Cowes was thriving. The floating bridge is at the narrowest

 point, the pier may be seen top left. (Aerofilms)

The entrance to Cowes harbour, probably from the 60's. The ferry had a turntable

at its stern and cars were manually  turned on it. It was subsequently rebuilt as a roll on roll off ferry.  The picture was probably taken during Cowes week as the ferry is dressed overall. The jetty is part of the Island Sailing Club. (Collis)

Cowes Harbour 1938

custom house quay cowes

A view of Cowes Harbour from 1938. (Valentine)

Card described as 'Cowes Roads, Custom  House Quay' dated 1957. The Customs launch and launchman are on the right. (Photchrom)

Cowes Harbour 1905

Cowes Harbour 1907

Cowes Harbour 1905.

Cowes Harbour 1907. (Stuart)

end of the parade near custom house quay

Cowes new Esplanade

The same slipway taken from the end of the parade. 

The shelter on the right is still there. Note the ferry 

on the left of the picture. probably dated around 1910. (Ettlinger)

A view from further along the parade,1938. Working right from the flagpole, the island Sailing Club and Customs Watch House may be seen. (B&D)

cowes parade and clubhouse

Cowes gloster hotel

A card  from the turn of the century showing the parade looking 

towards the Royal Yacht Squadron. This picture has been cropped, 

as cards of the time had large areas of white to write on,

as only the address was allowed on the reverse.

The Gloster Hotel, Cowes Parade1906. Now demolished. (Davis)

Cowes esplanade 1909

Cowes marine parade

The Parade 1909. (Woodbury)

  The Parade, taken from the end of the pier, undated,

 the pier entrance on the right. (Sweetman)

Cowes Parade around 1960

Cowes pier looking north

Cowes Parade 1960, the boat alongside is a naval pinnace. (Dixon)

An undated view of the pier looking north. (J.W.S.)

Royal Victoria Pier, Cowes

Cowes Victoria Pier

Cowes pier, demolished during the 1960's.   

Looking along the Parade towards the Royal Victoria Pier. (Dennis)

The Parade Royal Yacht Squadron and Green

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